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Brand: SkidTeq™


SkidTeq™– Design and manufacture of equipment for lab, pilot plant, engineering education / teaching and research.

Products Range:

  • Process Control & Monitoring
  • Fluids Mechanics
  • Thermodynamics
  • Environmental Control
  • Chemical, Bioprocess & Reaction
  • Green Technology | Renewable Energy

Design & manufacture of special structure:
– Portable Cabin (10 feet/20 feet)
– Storage Cabinet (Solid Door Type/Mesh Door Type/Cage Type)
– Gas Storage (Nitrogen Farm/Compressed Air/Other Gases)
– Gas Manifold (Compressed Air/Nitrogen/Other Gases)
– Gas Test Panel (Compressed Air/Nitrogen/Other Gases)
– Electrical Test Panel (VAC/VDC)
– Workbench (Metal/Wood)
– Heavy Duty Wire Sling Storage System
– Special Magnetic Clamping Fixtures

Design & manufacture of special Industrial System:
– Fully Automatic Hydro Air Intake Trash Raking System